All Of Mebass trb feature 6'30"proc>> play
Blue Monkeyguitar ad lib.8'00"proh
>> play
Caravanfast swing6'00"proh

Coisas Distantes 3 sax, 3 trp, 2 trb3'30"s-proh
(Forgotten Places)
CuteFlute ad lib.4'10"s-proh
>> play
similar to Basie version
Flying Dolphinssax doublings 4 flutes & bcl,8'15"proh
>> play
opt 5th trp, guitar ad lib.,
comp. by Ingo Luis
Footingopt. 2 French Horns, opt. Xylophone 5'45"proh
>> play
comp. by Ingo Luis
Good-Bye2 solo clarinets, guitar ad lib.4'30"s-proh
>> play
Hänschen Klein childrens' song in big band sound3'00"proc
Here's That Rainy Day4fl, bcl, 4flghns, 2 Fr.horns, 4 trbns 2'30"s-proh
>> play
a cappella , no rhythm section!
I Let A Song Go Outbass trb feature3'15"s-proh
>> play
Of My Heart
In My SolitudeSolo-Flghn., add. 2 Fr.horns, 6'00"proh
>> play
guitar ad lib.

Late Bag (Laid back)opt. 5th trp and 5th trb,3'45"proh
>> play
comp. by Ingo Luis                           parody on Count Basie style
Lazy Daysrelaxed swing, comp. by Ingo Luis4'30"s-proh
>> play
Love For Salesimilar to Buddy Rich version6'00"proh
More Than I Can Bearor 4,3,3,P,G,B,D4'00"s-proh
as rec. by Matt Bianco
Next Step Aheadstraight ahead swing,6'40"proh
>> play
comp. by Ingo Luis
Ol' Man River
similar to Buddy Rich version6'00"s-proh
Perdidorequires 4 good trb players3'30"proh>> play
Sagittarius Twiceopt. 2 Fr. Horns, Perc. 4'00"proh
>> play
comp. by Ingo Luis

Schließ Deine Augen4 sax, flute, vibes3'00"s-proh
>> play
und Träume
Should Isimilar to Sinatra/ Basie version3'30"s-proh
Trombologyfeature for tenor trb & bass trb5'00"proh
>> play
comp. by Ingo Luis
What Hope Can Mean2 Fr.Horns, Percussion,6'00"proh
>> play
Sax-Doublings (Fl,Fl,Cl,Altofl.)
comp. by Ingo Luis
Big Band & Vocal
Big Noise FromPerc. ad lib., as rec.6'00" proh>> play
Winnetkaby Bette Middler

Funky RevolutionPerc. ad lib., opt 5th Trpt.    3'30"  s-proh
>> play
Georgia On My Mindsax doublings 3 fl, cl4'15" s-proh
Hello Dolly3'30" s-proh

Honeysuckle Roseas rec. by Ella Fitzgerald3'15" proc
>> play
ve Got Rhythm3'30"proc>> play
>> play
Isn't She Lovely?3'30"s-proh
>> play
Lullaby Of Birdlandas rec. by Ella Fitzgerald4'30"proc
>> play

New York, New Yorkno guitar,
as rec. by Frank Sinatra4'00" s-proh

The Best Is Yet Tovibes
Comeas rec. by Frank Sinatra3'15" s-proh

What I Did For LovePerc. ad lib.3'15"s-proh
>> play
What's New,Perc. ad lib.5'00"s-proh
Buenos Aires?

You Are The Sunshine
Of My Lifeas rec. by Frank Sinatra3'30"proh
Besetzung (falls nicht anders angegeben): 5Sax, 4Trp, 4Pos, Piano, Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug
instrumentation: 5 saxes, 4 trps, 4 trbs, piano, guitar, bass, drums - unless indicated otherwise
= Handschrift/ hand written     
c= Computerdruck/ computer print
Schwierigkeitsgrad/ grade of difficulty:
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